IGBMC Super Resolution Imaging Meeting and Practical workshop

Fluorescence microscopy has undergone a revolution in recent years and super-resolution imaging methods now allow researchers to probe the nanometer-scale organization of biological systems with rich molecular details.
The workshop is designed to talk about the current challenges in using super-resolution microscopy and the types of analyses used to process the data. We hope that discussions at the workshop will help us define what is the best practice around these challenging techniques, and that there will be insight into future developments at IGBMC.

This workshop will also provide hands-on practical training in the principles and practice of super-resolution microscopy for techniques including 3D-gSTED and 3D-SIM.

No registration fee, however registration on the website will be required for administrative reasons and for registering for the practical sessions on the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X and 3D super-resolution microscope and for the OMX 3D SIM sessions at Biozentrum, Basel, organized by GE Healthcare.


Registrations will close on Sunday 26 October.




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